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Ecodiesel 2014 to 2019 Engine Tune Stage 1, 2 and 3

CAD $ 1,300.00 MR tuning

Here are the 3 stages that we offer for the Ecodiesel Jeep or Ram from 2014 to 2019 Stage 1 : + 40 HP + 95 TQ Stage 2 : + 65 HP...

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12v VR6 Intake Manifold

CAD $ 420.00 SPA

The SPA Turbo VW VR6 high flow intake manifold is made of cast aluminum and is made to replace your stock OEM manifold to provide you...

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MQB Turbo Inlet Elbow

CAD $ 215.00 Unitronic

Unitronic's new Turbo Inlet Elbow for the 1.8/2.0TSI MQB ISxx turbochargers is designed as a direct bolt-on upgrade and engineered...

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OEM upgrade short throw shifter

CAD $ 105.00 OEM

This Genuine Audi TT part from Europe reduces the fore and aft shifter movement needed to engage gears, for faster shifts in all Mk4,...

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SPA Exhaust Manifold 2.5L - 07K

CAD $ 450.00 Black Haze Workshop

SPA Turbo manifolds are cast in their own foundry from only the strongest, most durable alloys. Each application is custom designed...

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Supertech Valve Spring & Retainer Set For 2.5L - 07k

CAD $ 625.00 Black Haze Workshop

Features of our product: Safely increase your power range Protects against valve float in high-rpm engines Complete kit of 20...

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TDI BRM Race Pipe

CAD $ 68.95 Black Haze Workshop

You will receive a Race Pipe for a 2006 TDI BRM You will need a tune to delete EGR system properly. Otherwise you will get Check...

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RAM EcoDiesel Stealth EGR Block Off Plate

CAD $ 50.00 Black Haze Workshop

For deleting your vehicle's EGR, while leaving it in place. Made of 18 gauge stainless steel. Your vehicle must tuned/ programmed...

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Transmission Tune for RAM EcoDiesel

CAD $ 480.00 MR tuning

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Banks Power Intake Manifold Kit, 630T - EcoDiesel, 3.0L

CAD $ 1,062.00 Black Haze Workshop

Take a look around on the Internet for discussions on the Banks 630T or 3.0L EcoDiesel, and you'll have a tough time finding anybody...

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DSG Transmission Tuning Service - MR Tuning

CAD $ 399.95 MR tuning

DSG transmission Tune for VW Golf and Jetta from 2009 to 2014 Engine code CBEA and CJAA Required to run a Stage 2 engine's...

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CR140 Race Pipe

CAD $ 98.00 Black Haze Workshop

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EcoDiesel Cold Air Intake System w/Pro 5R Filter

CAD $ 580.00 AFE

This cold air intake system uses the functionality and practicality of an OEM closed airbox while sustaining the performance gains...

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EcoDiesel EDBB65 Turbo Upgrade

CAD $ 3,800.00 Black Haze Workshop

The perfect emission system compliant turbo upgrade for your Dodge Ram EcoDiesel. The EDBB65 turbo is a ball bearing turbo with a...

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Performance Tunes Mk5 TDI CBEA

CAD $ 450.00 MR tuning

Performance tune by MR Tuning for VW JETTA / GOLF MK5 2.0L TDI CBEA (2009 - 2010) Stage 1: 160 WHP / 300 WLB-TQ (24 PSI) Stage...

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OM642 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 3.0 CRD Downpipe + DPF pipe and tuning Package

CAD $ 924.95 Black Haze Workshop

After 2 years of development, we are proud to offer you our 3" downpipe kit for the WK Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 3.0 CRD Mercedes...

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GT1856V VNT20/18 Vnt20 Cold side Turbo for BHW TDI

CAD $ 1,349.95 Got Tuned

The full list of changes applied is as follows: – journal bearings – so-called ‘360’ – Plug&Play...

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Garrett GTB2260VK Vacuum Converted

CAD $ 1,640.00 Black Haze Workshop

Garrett GTB2260VK -Support 35psi on a 1.9/2.0 TDI Engine. -Good for 260-280hp with the stock compressor wheel. -Good for 280-320hp...

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Performance injectors set Rebuild with brand new quality nozzles 0.216 0.230 0.260 0.290 0.310 0.330 0.360

CAD $ 398.00 Got Tuned

Performance injectors set Rebuild with brand new quality nozzles 0.216 0.230 0.260 0.290 0.310 0.330 0.360 * They are calibrated...

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038103265P Cylinder Head Brand New TDI BEW BRM BHW

CAD $ 2,019.95 OEM

Brand New Cylinder Head for TDI PD100 PD130 PD134 BEW BRM BHW Includes everything pictured, valves, seals, cam, bolts. All factory...

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EcoDiesel 4 BAR MAP sensor

CAD $ 148.95 Black Haze Workshop

**NOTE : this is not a bolt-on part, use only on the advise of your tuner This sensor will read boost up to 43.5PSI

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DSG FLywheel 03L 105 266DC TDI CR140 CJAA CBEA

CAD $ 1,250.00 LUK

Replacement Flywheel Original quality

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Franken Turbo F21 pour 1.8t Longitudinale Volkswagen Passat Audi A4

CAD $ 1,724.00 FrankenTurbo

Give the best to your 1.8t with the turbochargers of Franken Turbo. This kit F21 includes: The turbo F21, a hybrid turbo with...

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GTB1756vk fitted for your BRM TDI Top Mount and Push Vacuum

CAD $ 1,489.95 Got Tuned

We can supply you an already fitted GTB1756VK for your TDI BRM 1.9L This is the best turbo upgrade for those engines. *Surpass...

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