Black Haze Workshop

Black Haze Workshop

First of all, Thanks a lot to allow us to live from our passion, Performance!

We are specialised in design and fabrication. This knowledge reflects in all our in-house made product.

We are working with European cars for years. We have stone aged experience in the euro cars industries. 

Our Values

At Black Haze Workshop, respect is a priority. If you're looking for a simple plate for your setup, or if you're looking for a big turbo kit, you deserve the same respect.

The durability of our product is a really important matter for us. We think that everything that is to be made, should be made to last. We are against throwing. If you need to throw away a part, you probably did not buy it from us.

We are in business by passion, not by obligation. We wish everyone could live from their passions. For us, it's a real vocation. We sincerely hope that it can be felt in our product, our service and our project.

Constant amelioration

If you have any ideas, please share it with us ! We would come back to you with possibility

We live in a dynamic world, and nothing should remain stagnant. 

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