Eibach and Bilstein Group Buy

Eibach and Bilstein Group Buy

Mathieu Deshaies April 15th 2019 4146 views

We are thinking at a possible group buy for ALL Eibach and Bilstein Products.
No matter the brand of your car.

*Price would range around 30-40% less than most price on the internet
*Order would be accpeted for 3 days
*100% in advance
*Once the order is sent, there is a 3 weeks delay for us to receive it.
*Order can be sent to you via Greyhound, or you can pick it up

Exemple for a MK5 Jetta: 
Eibach Pro-kit 25mm drop coil set : 300$ CAD (Average price is around 400$ and it comes from the USA)

Drop us an e-mail if you are interested or have any questions